BuildCoin – Building a Better World, One Block at a Time

The BuildCoin Foundation believes every human being deserves access to affordable and reliable infrastructure to reach their highest potential and to live their best life.

Affordable & Clean Energy
Clean Water & Sanitation
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Reliable Transportation Systems
Accessible Information & Communication Technology

Affordable and Clean Energy

Energy from renewable, clean solar, wind and hydroelectric sources


Clean Water and Sanitation

Access to clean water and adequate sanitation


Sustainable Cities and Communities

Safe, affordable, and acceptable housing for all


Reliable Transportation Systems

Efficient and safe roadways, railways and airports


Accessible Information & Communication Technology

Universal and affordable access to cell and internet

APR 25, 2018
Getting to a U.S. infrastructure renaissance

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Foundation Advisory Board Member: Norman Anderson

Building a new foundation for global economic and human social advancement.

In developed and especially in emerging economies there is a chronic shortage of investment funds to build modern power and electric, transportation, water and sewage, and communications systems.

Investments in the development of quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure drive economic development, raise productivity and incomes, and promote overall human well-being.

> $14.1 T

Global Construction & Infrastructure Pipeline
(Trimetric 2017)

Up to 40%
Cost Savings

from stronger infrastructure delivery systems
(McKinsey 2016)

Infrastructure projects fuel transformative economic and social growth.

Investors, government entities, contractors and financial institutions involved in the development of large infrastructure projects demand improved project visibility, greater efficiency and a more reliable return on investment without third-party mediation.

Led by the BuildCoin Foundation, based in Zug, Switzerland, BuildCoin is a market for global infrastructure information, financial products and subject matter expertise to streamline processes and help provide infrastructure funding and transparent construction project management.

Funding feasibility studies.

The Foundation will provide innovative funding mechanisms for infrastructure feasibility studies to accelerate development.

Accelerate infrastructure and construction using the BuildCoin ecosystem and platform.

BuildCoin is a blockchain-enabled construction solution that offers transparency and immutability, process integrity and disintermediation, lower costs and faster transactions, and access to high-quality data to everyone.

Up to
invoice cost reduction using blockchain

Transparency and Immutability

As a shared database, information is readily available to all parties involved in a transaction with maximum transparency. The immutability of data makes it even more trustworthy as well. Once data is created, it can’t be deleted or altered.

Process Integrity and Disintermediation

The parties in any transaction will know that everything will be done exactly as the agreed upon protocol dictates. Readily available and trustworthy data also eliminates any need for intermediation by a third party.

Lower Costs and Faster Transactions

Blockchains can cut overall transaction cost and times by eliminating the overhead costs of exchanging assets and the involvement of third-party intermediaries.

Access to High-Quality Data

All parties involved in a transaction will have accurate, timely, consistent and complete data they need to know to make a well informed decision.

BuildCoin Leaders, Believe in Change.

Experience and industry relationships pave the way to success.

Advisory Board

Norman F. Anderson
President & CEO
CG/LA Infrastructure, Inc.
Washington, D.C.

Ian H. Solomon
Founder & CEO
SolomonGlobal, LLC
Former U.S. Executive Director, World Bank
Washington, D.C.

Dr. Peter L. Weibel
Executive Board Member
Group Head of IT
Rothenburg, Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland

The BuildCoin Foundation has established strategic partnerships with OpCenter and CG/LA Infrastructure to help create the BuildCoin ecosystem.

Advisory Board

Norman F. Anderson (in memoriam)
President & CEO
CG/LA Infrastructure, Inc.
Washington, DC

Ian H. Solomon
Founder & CEO
SolomonGlobal, LLC
Former U.S. Executive Director, World Bank
Washington, DC

Dr. Peter L. Weibel
Former CEO PwC Switzerland
Former Board Member of Credit Suisse Group
Zürich, Switzerland

Bryn Fosburgh
Senior Vice President
Trimble Inc.
Denver, CO

Adam Nicolopoulos
Founder and CEO
ADN Capital Ventures, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Michael Chasen
Washington, DC

Jiri Maly
President, Services Division
Louis Berger
Washington, DC

J. Todd Morley
New York, NY

Sushil Prabhu
New York, NY