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BuildCoin Foundation Adds Industry Leaders to Advisory Board

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The BuildCoin™ Foundation creator of a blockchain ecosystem for public infrastructure projects, is pleased to announce the addition of Bryn Fosburgh, Senior Vice President Trimble, Inc., Adam Nicolopoulos, Founder and CEO ADN Capital Ventures, Inc. and Michael Chasen, CEO PrecisionHawk, to the BuildCoin Foundation Advisory Board.

The BuildCoin Foundation has created a sustainable program to assess and select, originate and fund and innovative infrastructure projects across the globe that bring about transformational change and drive economic growth. The Advisory Board consists of industry leaders in both infrastructure and emerging technologies and will focus on consulting and guiding this unique program. Bryn, Adam and Michael bring a wealth of international experience and professional knowledge to the Foundation and will help ensure the success of this vital program.

“We are excited to have Bryn, Adam and Michael join the BuildCoin Foundation Advisory Board. The vast experience and knowledge they bring to the table will help accelerate our strategic infrastructure program that will uncover and unlock infrastructure projects that will drive change and prosperity for citizens around the world,” said John Cronin, President of the BuildCoin Foundation.

“Most infrastructure projects today deliver incremental improvements. The industry needs fresh approaches to bringing transformational infrastructure to citizens. I’m excited to be part of BuildCoin to bring about much needed change,” said Bryn Fosburgh, Senior Vice President Trimble, Inc.

“I’m excited to join the BuildCoin advisory board. I see tremendous potential to change the way infrastructure projects are originated and financed. This will bring much needed projects to countries and their communities resulting in economic growth and prosperity,” said Adam Nicolopoulos, Founder and CEO ADN Capital Ventures, Inc.

“There is a whole new wave of digital transformation coming to infrastructure with technologies such as AI, VR/AR and drones. There are some exciting opportunities to innovate on the way projects are conceptualized, built and operated. As part of the advisory board, PrecisionHawk will accelerate these changes by contributing its years of expertise in delivering drone services,” said Michael Chasen, CEO PrecisionHawk.

About the BuildCoin Foundation:

The BuildCoin Foundation is non-profit provider of a blockchain ecosystem for public infrastructure based in Zug, Switzerland. The BuildCoin Foundation believes everyone deserves access to affordable and reliable infrastructure to reach their highest potential and to live their best life. Our BuildCoin Ecosystem modernizes infrastructure project origination and development by methodically executing business and technological processes. As a blockchain platform, BuildCoin offers transparency and immutability, process integrity and disintermediation, lower costs and faster transactions, and access to high-quality data to participants. Visit http://www.buildcoinfoundation.org.

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